Home Buyer Incentives and Special Offers

Home Buyer Incentives and Special Offers

Home Buyer Incentives and Special Offers.  For using my Realtor service as a home buyer you may receive a Rebate of up to 1% the homes purchase price.  Example: 1% of a $600,000 home purchase is $6,000 back to you at closing.  Its a win, win for you.

Other home buyer offers and/or incentive types may apply.  Due to the fluctuating nature of Real Estate terms may change at any time without notice.

How does a Realtor get paid?

As a agent to a home buyer I am paid by the home builder or resale (used home) home seller. The home builder or resale home seller also sets the payment commission percentage.  It does not cost you more.  But instead you will save more.   Home builders offer and change commissions and incentives sometimes monthly and without notice.

For example if a buyer chooses to not use me as their agent and goes to a home builder alone the buyer will pay the same price for the home.  The home builder will not discount the price.  The sales team in the builder also works for the builders interests not the home buyers!  The sales team will try to get top dollar from you!  You will lose out on leverage, negotiating power, guidance, help, a set of experienced eyes and a witness.

Video – Home Buyer Rebate and Incentives | Rich Noto Realtor

What must a Potential homebuyer do?

You must walk into a builder with me from the start or tell them I am your agent on a first meet.  Most builders will not let you use my services if you have not mentioned or show up with me from the beginning.  You would have to step in the builder and state my Realtor is Rich Noto and could not make it can I still use him and look today or should I come back with him?

  1. Get Pre Approval from a Mortgage Lender  – As a potential homebuyer this is needed to buy a home.  It is asked for by home builders and many private home sellers will not want a unapproved buyer in their home without it.  Even if you are paying cash.  The preapproval shows you are a safe buyer and have the funds verified by the mortgage company.  It acts as a backup and does not have to be used if paying cash is the final goal.  Some home sellers will not even accept offers from buyers that do not have Pre Approval.  It also gives the buyer leverage for possible discounts.  Again it shows a serious ready to go buyer.
  2. You have signed the Florida Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement so you can receive full Realtor representation. This agreement sets the expectations and obligations for the Buyers and Realtor/Brokerage.  It also limits liability. The agreement can be canceled anytime but has terms for properties shown.  It also includes regulations from both the federal government and the state of Florida who created it.

Video Explanation of Buyer Brokerage Agreement 

Having this agreement with a Realtor shows you are serious and want the help with no “hidden agenda”.  The Realtor also will be more willing to help because the “fantasy ideas” of what is truly “supposed to go on” with real estate are set in writing.  Fees and other incentives can also be negotiated and written in..

How does this home buyer Incentive rebate offer work?

The First step is a pre approved buyer must mention this offer in a first contact email to Rich Noto

Then we can schedule a short meet in person to discuss the buyers home buying needs or send me a email list with all your requirements.

The home incentive rebate offer is based on weighing many variable factors such as:

  • The price of the home you are purchasing. Example: Is it $200,000 or $1,300,000?
  • Commision or payment amount offered by Home Builder or Resale (used home) seller.  Example: Is it 0% or 4%?
  • The time frame you require to be in the home.  Example: Do you need a home in 8 months or in 4 weeks?
  • Realtor general expenses and time.
  • Fees for the Transaction.  Realtors/Buyers have fees for the transaction and/or broker commission splits.  Example: The Real Estate Agent working for the broker may have to pay half commision to the broker and/or referring lead company.  There could also be additional flat fees.

What other special incentive offers are available?

  • Other offers may vary based on type of home New vs Resale and/or the above stated.

What else will you receive as a home buyer?

  • Representation
  • No High Pressure Sales
  • Dependable honest service
  • My knowledge of the area
  • Whatever incentives the new home builder offers
  • Guidance to help steer away from pitfalls of buying
  • An extra set of eyes and ears contacting the builder, seller, and mortgage company to keep the process moving forward.
  • My multi licence advising and knowledge in each field.
  • Help from the home shopping process to the home closing.
  • I will make every reasonable effort to attend the inspection. Please note as per Florida regulation a different home inspector must be hired for the inspection if you choose to have one.  It is highly recommended!
  • I will make every reasonable effort to attend the walkthrough.

Where can the Home Buyer Rebate be used?

On new construction home purchases and resale homes.  It is more effective on new construction purchases.  Based on home costs and builder payments.  New construction also typically offers buyers incentives as well.  The makes it the most cost effective purchase.

It can also be used in any town I serve.  This includes Orlando, Lake Nona, Ocoee, Montverde, Winter Garden, Windermere, Gotha, Kissimmee, Reunion, Winter Park, Oakland, Clermont, Apopka , Minneola, Groveland, Dr. Phillips, Bay Lake, Celebration, Four Corners, ChampionsGate, Davenport, South Chase, Hunters Creek, Tangelo Park, Williamsburg, Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park and more.

Final walkthrough tips. Home Buyer Incentives and Special Offers from Rich Noto

Here is some towns and areas I serve