Out of Florida State Home Buyers

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Out of Florida State Home Buyers

Are you considering moving to Florida? 

I understand first hand the struggle of buying out of state for a move or vacation property.  I am here to help you any way I can.

Here is the problem.  You are far away and looking at properties online.  Some of it looks great online and you want to see it before someone else does.  Some of it will also look great online, but in person is a different story.   

I am originally from Long Island New York.  I took many, many drives to see properties that I thought were priced right and in great shape based on the online pictures.  When I arrived at the properties some had broken windows, some were covered wall to ceiling in mold, some were full of dead roaches, one had a flood.  When it’s far away it’s frustrating to of spent money and time on travel only to view a home that is significantly different in person.

Contact me.  I can view the property prior to you making the trip to see it.  Confirming its similar to the online pictures.  I will take pictures of what is different and send them to you.  Where applicable I will also send pictures of surroundings like a street view in front of home.

Please click this to review the buyer page for more information

Florida has a very streamlined contract and closing process unlike other states.  The contracts for resale come from Florida Association of Realtors.  Real Estate Agents can only fill in the blanks.  If you would like a blank copy to review please contact me.

Before starting the house looking process pre approval is required.  First tell the lender your property is in Florida.  This will ensure the lender has the required programs.

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Please Contact Rich Noto Realtor for Luxury Homes in Orlando with any Questions or for representation.  Remember the new home builder and resale seller includes the Realtor fee in the price.  The builders sales team has the builders best interests in mind.  If you choose not to use a Free Realtor in Orlando the price is the same but without the guidance and protection I can offer.

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