Winter Garden Luxury Homes for Sale

Luxury Homes for Sale in Winter Garden 34787 

Winter Garden Historic District. Winter garden luxury homes for sale. rich noto realtor
Winter Garden Downtown Historic District

This list is for Winter Garden Luxury homes for sale $400,000+ and up. Winter Garden 34787 is located in Orange County

Why $400k? First lets address that the term “Luxury” is relative.  Each person will have their own view of Luxury.

For example when I had a Honda Pilot passengers called it luxury.  In ways it was.  The brand was not luxury but being spacious with extras not in most vehicles made it just that.  Comparing it to a Luxury brand that did not have the interior space and hitting my head on the roof, it was luxury….for me.

Back to Winter Garden Luxury Homes for sale.  Let’s take a home selling for $300,000 at 2,000 sq ft.  The home probably has random upgrades in it.  Larger tile floors, nicer door handles.  Fancier kitchen counters and larger cabinets.

Now take that same size home and upgrade everything.  Many things are upgraded past the first level upgrade to a Level 2 or 3 upgrade.  That same size Upgraded home now becomes luxury.  To get there it will commonly add $100,000 to $150,000 in upgrades parts.

With all that said a home that is larger and selling for the same price will have less upgrades.  This is accounting for all things being the same.  The larger house is not on a sale.

Luxury Winter Garden Homes for sale. Kitchen Upgrades
Kitchen With Upgrades

Now that we have some relative idea of what makes a luxury home.


Here is a list of Homes for Sale in Winter Garden over $400,000


Please Contact Rich Noto Realtor for Luxury Homes in Winter Garden with any Questions or for representation.

Remember the new home builder and resale seller includes the Realtor fee in the price.  The builders sales team has the builders best interests in mind.

If you choose not to use a Realtor in your Winter Garden Luxury Home shopping the price is the same but without the guidance and protection I can offer.

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