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Realtors are NOT all the same. I Work for YOU, Represent YOU, Get YOU the Best Price as a Buyers Agent.  I do NOT work for a builder. 


**** Common Builder Policy involves “Procuring Cause” – CALLING, EMAILING, INQUIRING by Using Builders WEBSITE(contact forms), ENTERING SALES OFFICE without me, May Terminate Your right to Realtor Representation(and its bonuses)with Builders (Its their regulation).****  Call me first. Let’s find the best home the safe and right way.

Some of My Additional Certifications – Realtors are NOT all the same!


Rich Noto Realtor Certifications


Some of my Exclusive(in person) Realtor Service Benefits:
  • Advice to Avoid the Dangers with Buying
  • Better Price Negotiation
  • Possible Special Offers
  • Knowledge of Competitor Pricing/Incentives
  • Overall Guidance Knowledge of Deal Structure
  • Construction Trained Advice
  • Early Builder Walkthrough Help
  • Early Planning for Buyers
  • Mortgage Pre Approval Advice and Guidance
  • Best Price Strategy
  • Photos taken during the build process (every 1-3 weeks)for far away buyers
  • Possible exclusive special incentives
  • Home Inspection Advice
  • Use sales associates at builders up to my High Standards
  • In person information NOT on this website
  • Rental Property Strategies
  • Attending Builder Walkthroughs
My Specialties:
  • Building Construction
  • Educating Buyers
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Vacation and Resort Homes
  • Resort Rental Property
  • Full Time Residential Living
  • Investment Property Strategies
  • Moves to Florida from other States/Countries
  • Area Knowledge
  • Tourism



Your Realtor must accompany you on the first visit to a home builder.  New homes for sale

Front Door Sign at a Builder. 

You must have your Realtor(Real Estate Agent) with you from the start.



Home builder sales team represent home builder

Screen Shot of a builder contract stating the “seller” (builder) Sales representatives exclusively represent the Seller and NOT the buyer.

This is common everywhere. Why do so many buyers still go alone to builders?

Home builder Seller does not represent the buyer
Again the Builder(Seller) does not represent the buyer (Purchaser)


Realtor Broker Commissions do not affect buyers purchase price

Screenshot crop of contract from a home builder stating the Realtors commission does not affect the purchase price.  This is common everywhere. 

Builders do not reduce the price for not using a Realtor. Its a no charge to buyers service.


Home builder's (seller) sales associate can say what they want. How can as a buyer trust your being told the right things before signing?? Many times things are said just to get a signature. Call me for representation to make sure this does not happen you you.

Home builder’s (seller) sales associate can say what they want. 

How can you as a buyer trust your being told the right things before signing??

Sometimes sales say things to get a fast signature. Call me for representation to make sure this does not happen to you!!


Video-Mortgage Pre Approval Issues. 

Why its important to do this first? 

Home Buyer Preparation Guide

Rich Noto – Winter Garden Realtor – Home Inspector – Notary Public

Serving Winter Garden, Windermere, Orlando, Clermont, Kissimmee and Central Florida. 

Searching for Vacation Resort, New Homes for Sale, Investment properties, and Resale Homes can be difficult.  This site is full of information to help everyone from new home buyers to Investors.    

Your new homes for sale search is made easy here. Home Search information is up to the minute. It is the best you can get. Direct from the MLS. Better than big name sites with incorrect homes listed at incorrect prices



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Realtor fees with new and Resale homes for sale are paid by the Builder/Seller

  • When purchasing new construction the builder includes the Real Estate Agents commission in the Marketing plan. If you choose to not have a me as your Real Estate Agent represent you the price is still the same. It is not reduced.

For example a home that costs $200,000 will still cost $200,000 with me. If you choose not to have my service, the new home for sale will still cost $200,000.  Don’t miss out.

  • Keep in mind that even though the new home sales team at a builder seems nice (they have to be) they work for the builder, with the new home builders best interests NOT YOURS.

Having Realtor representation and pre approval (not pre qualification) with many new home builders and home sellers changes how you are treated. There is also the possibility of enhanced negotiation with price, included items/upgrades, or incentives such as reduced closing costs.


Rich Noto is multi-licensed with over 60 combined certificates which provides the knowledge in each field to guide you better.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or for a no cost consultation.

 No pressure home sales. I want you to be happy with your home purchase.

Winter Garden Realtor, Windermere Realtor, Orlando Realtor, Clermont Realtor, Kissimmee Realtor Serving Central Florida

“Honesty Before The Dollar” – “The Home Will Sell itself” – “No Pressure Sales”

These are 3 things I work and live by.

“Honesty before the Dollar” means being honest and doing things legally and that will always come before any amount of money.

“The home will sell itself” and ” No pressure sales” This means just that. I am not here to pressure you to buy, or to try and sell you a property. If you like the home it will sell itself. I will try and help to think of all options in the process for serious buyers.

Rich Noto is a licenced Florida Realtor® in Winter Garden with Dalton Wade Real Estate Group and member of the National Association of Realtors and Orlando Regional Realtor Association.

Earned additional designation certifications of

  • PSA Pricing Strategy Advisor
  • RSPS Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist
  • NHCB New Home Co Broker
  • CNHS Certified New Home Specialist
  • RCC Residential Construction Certified

Licensed Florida Home Inspector

  • Certified Professional Inspector.
  • Thermal Imaging Certification.
  • Completed 75% more than the required courses to be licenced.
  • InterNachi the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
  • Home inspectors have general knowledge of building standards, and trained to spot material defects (home damage).

Florida Appointed Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent.

  • Certified through the National Notary Association
  • Certified through Notary2Pro and the National Notary Association.
  • Signing Agents notarize, guide and can explain the closing documents of commonly 50-150 pages you sign, and initial at the very end of your Home purchase.

There are so many great towns and communities to choose from. Everything from new homes for sale to great newish resale. Hundreds of Real Estate Videos to help.  I look forward to working with, and helping you, on your home search.

Here is some Orlando area towns I serve as a Realtor:



Pre-DryWall Construction Home Inspection

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How can you help me as a realtor?

There are many ways to help as a Realtor and my website provides plenty of information along with informational videos. The home-buying process can be a relatively easy one or can be difficult. Having a proper guidance along the way is essential for the largest purchase most people will ever make in their lives. Because it is free(builder/seller paid makes it a no brainer.

As a home buyer I have already gone to the home builder alone, and have signed a contract but now have problems. How can you help me?

This is a common phone call I receive as a Realtor. When a home buyer signs a builder's contract they are locked in as per the terms in the agreement. A Florida Real Estate Attorney should have read it over for clarity prior to signing. Because a home buyer has also gone alone to the Builder, the Builder will not allow even any verbal input from me as a realtor. I would not be able to speak to the sales team in any way throughout the process. As a Realtor the Brokerage representation would be included in the purchase agreement.

Why do home builders have special requirements for buyers using Realtors?

Real estate is a regulated process. There are regulations both with the federal government, state, mortgages and local builders. Home builders require the Realtor to be the procuring cause(what brings the buyer to the builder) for the home buyer.

As a realtor are you working for the home builder?

No I do not work for a home builder but I do represent the home buyer. I am an independent home buyers agent.

How can your realtor service help me as a home buyer get a better price?

Having a knowledge of the process is very important. My unique strategy. Negotiating right. Realtors are treated differently in the process. It's almost like if someone went to court without a lawyer versus with a lawyer the treatment would be different. Sometimes special offers come up that home builders will offer only to Realtors or to buyers with Realtors.There is more information on this topic on this website along with videos explaining more.

I'm having trouble selecting a Realtor. What should I look for?

From the perspective of a home buyer prior to being a Realtor, it is extremely important to find a realtor that has some knowledge of the construction process. When viewing properties most home buyers have questions about home damage or the building process. The standard Realtor is not licensed, certified and trained in construction. The Realtor training does not go over home defects. The realtor should also have a well written website and videos showing that knowledge. Purchasing a home though a mystery surprise grab bag agent is not a smart choice.

Why is it important to have professionals working for me as a home buyer in the process of purchasing a home?

The first and easiest concept is that sales people in home builders represent Builders and work for Builders. It's in the contract. Very important to have professionals that work for the homebuyer because those professionals do not have other obligations. For example the home inspector is paid by the home buyer to make sure a home is assembled correctly or find any defects that are visible on the surface. Many new homes are built in communities where there can be 20 to 50 homes being built at one time and only one construction manager oversees it. Needless to say things get overlooked.A Florida real estate attorney will read over the contract and explain it to a potential home buyer. The attorney is working for the home buyer..

What is the best way to get the most out of your Realtor representation?

The first step would be to contact me when you feel serious about purchasing a home. From there a strategy will be formed based on the individual home buyers needs. The homebuyers that listen to my suggestions as a Realtor, and commonly go through with it, typically get the most out of the service. Home buyers that do their own thing along the way, not following my advice, typically create issues and mistakes. Unfortunately some of these mistakes cannot be corrected and may cause delays or loss of a great property.

I have been looking at homes with another Real Estate Agent but would like to switch can you help me?

This is a very awkward situation. When a home buyer is looking at homes with a Agent, the home builder typically registers the buyer and the agent that brought the buyer in is commonly entitled to payment. As a Realtor I do not interfere with other Realtors business. Typically the buyers that I work with call me on the phone and say they enjoy watching my videos and/or the information I provided and want to work with me from the start.

What is the procuring cause?

This is common with real estate, especially with home builders. The procuring cause would be the realtor that brings the customer in from the start. This can be done either in person or through emails depending on the builders policies.

As a buyer I have been to the home builder alone or registered with the builders website. I want you to now represent me. Will the home builder allow this?

In this situation I would personally contact the home builder to find out if it is possible. I will also ask questions and find out if another agent has been involved in the process or not. The home builders all have various regulations per company.

I'm having trouble understanding the mortgage pre-approval process and what should be done first?

This is a common issue for most buyers early on. Simply contact me so I can offer suggestions and guidance on this topic. ultimately the mortgage professional will have to be used of choice for a determination of the pre-approval amount and terms.

I am interested in purchasing a home but want to purchase it without cash or a mortgage how can this be accomplished?

The simple answer is cash or a mortgage must be used. The cash funds must be verified and a pre-approval letter is required for the mortgage. No strange verbal agreements or deals will get a free home.

I want to pay cash for a home but do not want to show bank statements as proof of funds what can I do?

When purchasing a home verification is required for everything. A great option is to get a mortgage pre-approval but not use it for a mortgage. It can be used just for the fund verification approval letter. The mortgage company will write a letter stating that the buyer is approved for a certain amount based on verified funds.