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Moving to Orlando |New Construction Homes Under $400,000

Moving to Orlando New Construction Homes Under $400,000

If you are thinking of moving to Orlando but want to spend $400,000 or less, this list is for you.  It has Single Family homes, Townhomes and Condos.  Orlando offers some of the best tourism in the USA and the world.  But moving to Orlando can be complicated.  The area has many towns, house builders, vacation resorts, and attractions.

A few questions worth thinking about:
  • Which house will be right for you?
  • Which location?
  • What price? (get mortgage approved first for the REAL amount the bank will lend)
  • Distance to work and entertainment?

Orlando Weather

Contrary to popular belief(from those with no experience) Orlando does get cold.  When I moved from New York I already had many years of vacation experience in Florida.  I would leave new York many times in the months of October/November/December/January/February.  I would be dressed accordingly for the long drive.  Typically on colder months I would have thermals and snow based coats and pants.  I was surprised how often I needed them still while on the vacation. Many times the vacation was planned to get out out of the New York cold and not much relief was found.  “Coldlando” was what I called it.

A December could be shorts or pants with thermals.  One day hot another cold depending on northern cold fronts pushing from Canada down south.  Sometimes from 11 am-330pm hot and wearing shorts, then pants and coat is needed.  The temperature can swing 20 degrees in a single days.  When Florida is in the 40’s it can feel like New York 30s.

With all that said typically Mid February/March is when Florida weather warms up and becomes beautiful. This continues to Mid June.  Then is can get to hot for some.  Especially from Mid July to the Hottest month September.

How to cloths pack for vacation or moving

This will vary from person to person.  For those who are typically cold and enjoy those over 80 degree days.  Bring a coat, pants and thin thermals if you legs get cold easy.  I would not throw out warm cloths until after moving and spending at least 1 year in Orlando during the cold months(although some winters are much warmer).  I have encountered many people over the years that had to rebuy warm clothes because they trashed them all before moving.

Please contact Rich Noto before any builders.  Contacting the builder first (through email, text, phone call, in person)may cause the builder to not allow my Realtor service.  Builders set amount and include the Realtors fee in the purchase of a house.  Usually in the separate marketing plan.  It does not cost buyers anything additional or reduce incentives or deals.   It’s use it or lose it. It’s like a store having a get one free coupon that you did not know about.  You lose it if not used.

Moving to Orlando Florida New Homes Under $400,000 MLS List

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