Advantages of a 2 Story House

Two story house takes up less space on the land vs a single story.  For example a 2 story house of less than 2500 sq ft is built on the same size land (50 foot lot) as a single story house.  The two story has a nice back and front yard vs a 1800 square foot single story  which has hardly any property left over.
2 stories have more rooms and room divisions, less of the feeling of always being in the same place.  Stairs are great exercise and for keeping aging and shrinking legs moving. Forced to walk stairs.  Stairs are great for calf raises, and sprinting up and down.  My grandmother into her 80s would purposely walk her stairs to keep walking ok.
I like opening the second floors windows. Much less bugs enter vs ground floor. I also like that if the AC is set high like 83 in the hot weather the first floor is much cooler. Also looking out second floor windows….seeing the moon, fireworks… just more appealing. 
Its more quiet sleeping on the second floor. I used to hate landscapers and trash pickup days in my single story.  If someone in the household wakes up early, on a two floor home, the kitchen is downstairs which makes it more quiet for those on second floor still sleeping.