Moving from New York to Florida

Moving from New York to Florida has many reasons to move and maybe some to stay. 

This article will share reasons from feedback and experience covering everything from lifestyle to weather. Other Northern States like New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virgina, Maryland, Maine, Pennsylvania and more apply. 

Florida Weather

Nice weather is something that attracts home buyers to Florida.  Sometimes it is just to move during the winter which is what’s known as snowbirding.  Snowbirding is typically a six month to 8 month time period.  The snowbird person likes to spends time in nice weather of Florida to get away from the dark skies and freezing rain. 

It has been my experience from living in Florida for many years.  The weather is the opposite of New York.  For example there is 8 months out of the year in Florida which in my opinion the weather is fantastic. The weather may start getting too hot from the month of June to the end of September. September is typically the hottest month of the year.  From October on until the end of May the weather is typically very nice. The coldest months range from December, January, and February, but that can vary based on cold fronts that push down from the north.

Another reason that many moved to Florida which pertains to the weather is they feel better.  Those extreme aches and pains that happen when the weather gets cold seem to just vanish many of the pains I had in my knees, elbows, ankles, and shoulder feel better due to the heat. I’m not saying that it will work for everyone or its a cure, but I have heard from many people that live here, that moved from the cold, their body just feels  much better. 

Some people come to Florida during the hottest months of the year on a short vacation and leave thinking that it’s always like that for some reason.  For some strange reason that one week or two weeks seems to apply to the whole year which is totally not the case.

Our bodies need time to adjust, so for example, if you move to Florida from New York or Northern States in the month of May or June, and came from weather that was 50 degrees still, and Florida is in the 80s, well it’s going to feel very warm.  If you give your body 3 months to start to adjust and adapt the weather does not feel as bad. 

So the time of year that you move is going to play a role in that.  I noticed that it took me about three months for my body to adjust and to adapt to warmer weather.  I was never the type of person that enjoyed freezing cold or really anything that is below the 50 degree mark.  With that said the 90s is also a bit too hot but there are options such as going out in the evening after 7:30 p.m.  Most shopping and entertainment things are open until 9pm, 10, 11, 12 midnight.  Although of course each individual will vary and there are some people that when it gets into the low 80s it begins to get too cold for them.  It all depends on the climate that you’re used to and what you prefer.

No state income tax in Florida 

In New York as you know when you file your taxes at the end of the year not only do you pay federal taxes but also pay state taxes so those taxes that are going to the state is not something that Florida currently has.  Think of how much you pay yearly and will save in Florida.

Florida Extra Daylight Time.

It seems like Florida has about one extra hour of daylight compared to the northern states. That extra time is extremely precious during the times when the clocks are set back for daylight savings time.  As well when the weather up north is in freezing rain dark cloudy skies for weeks at a time making it get dark even earlier.  The skies over here in Florida when it does get cloudy is typically for a short amount of time, and maybe for a day.  But typically it doesn’t last more than 45 minutes.

Orlando Cost of Gas

The price of gas from what I have noticed over many years of driving from Florida to New York and from New York to Florida is typically about 30% less. 

Cost Of Tolls.

There is no denying the outrageous prices of tolls in New York.  The price of one drive across a bridge can put alot of food on the table.

Things to do in Florida versus New York.

Growing up in the Long island area I have been to New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten island, the Bronx. I have been upstate New York to Lake George the Adirondacks and all the way up to Niagara falls New York side and the Canada.  There is fun things to do but it is limited to the short stint of nice weather.  Orlando is also commonly in the top places in the world to visit for a reason. 

Orlando Active Lifestyle

There is no doubt that when it comes to an active lifestyle.  Orlando area has it beat. Every day of the year in Orlando something is going on somewhere. The theme parks always have things going on and special events for Halloween, Christmas, food and wine festivals, art festivals, music festivals and many more special events.  People that enjoy swimming, golf, volleyball, tennis, basketball.  Have it endless year round in the Orlando area.  There is truly amazing things going on in Orlando which is what seems to put it in the top 5, or 10 list, of places to see in the world. 

Things to do for free this is something that I rarely encountered living in New York but here in Florida if you sign up for the right emails you can have free tickets sent to you for various events.  I can go on and on about things to do here but that would take too much time.

Type of living with homes for sale in Orlando vs. New York.

in New York and many of the northern states it is very common to only be able to purchase a resale home which is a used home that has been lived in.  The resale home due to being extremely old is going to need a lot of repairs and maintenance upon purchase.  Typically the home is yours and you could do what you want with the property.  Homes in Orlando Florida offer a magnitude of variations options and choices in community. 

  • Homes for sale in Orlando will include things like
  • Resort-style community. 
  • A golf community. 
  • A family-oriented community. 
  • 55 and over community for seniors.

Florida Resident Discounts.

Florida residents get many discounts.  Everything from the taxes on a individuals home to discounts at tourist attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and other locations. To touch on property taxes Florida has something called the homestead act.  The homestead act is for residents that live in, and make the home they own in Florida their primary residence.  I can’t remember getting any discounts in NY….

Theme Park Annual Passes.

Anyone that has taken a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort knows how expensive it can be.  The price goes up year after year and attendance keeps increasing.  Walt Disney World much like Universal Orlando keeps expanding.  I know the expense from viewing the website that people from out-of-state pay.  I also know from many years of experienced vacationing at Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, just how expensive the vacation can be. 

Ticket prices are very high and a family of four can end up spending thousands.  Florida residents have extreme discounts on passes. For example owning a annual pass to Walt Disney world and Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld, and Busch gardens. Can end up running about $60 per month which may include free parking at the theme parks as well as passholder discounts on food, merchandise, and special events. Parking at theme parks can run $25 per day if an annual pass is used several times a year it can pay for itself in free parking alone.

I have vast experience with not only New York but also states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode island, Maine, Maryland, Virginia. I have been to the States during the coldest months and I’ve been to these States during the warmest months. The homes for sale are very similar in that it is mostly resale homes for sale

Homes for sale in Orlando.

The central Florida area has so many fantastic options of homes to choose from.  If you are looking for a condo you can purchase a condo on a resale or new construction.  The condo can be on a resort community or just a standard location.  Condos are available both in luxury condos for sale and standard condos for sale.

Townhomes for sale

Townhomes for sale are typically a step up for people from a condo and possibly less of an HOA fee.  The townhome can be in a resort-style community, a family style community, or just a standard community with no real extras.  Townhomes like condos come in standard resale townhomes for sale or brand new construction townhomes for sale.

Single family homes for sale in Orlando.

The single family homes like the condos and townhomes come with similar options.  The single-family home can be a new construction or a resale.  It can be in a resort community or a family-oriented community or just a standard community with no extras.  Purchasing a single family home is the easiest of all.  Single family homes range from the basic home without upgrades to the luxury homes.  There are many options for new construction and communities.  Condos and townhomes are a bit more difficult to purchase due to less of a community selection.

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