Single Family Home vs Townhome

Single Family Home vs TownHome

Buying, and choosing between a Single Family Home vs Townhome can be a complex decision.

A stand alone single family home

Single Family Home for sale in Waterleigh. Winter Garden Florida
Single Family Home for sale by Emerald Homes, D R Horton in Waterleigh. Winter Garden Florida
  1. The home is yours.  If the community has no HOA (homeowners association) you are free to keep it as you choose.
  2.  No shared walls.  This reduces noise that is common in apartments and townhomes.  Other hindrances such as broken or non repaired pipes from the neighbors shared wall will not affect you.  No insects invading because neighbors in the building neglected pest control or left open doors or failed to seal cracks allowing in pests.
  3.  You can be up late, play music, watch loud tv, have guests and not have to worry about disturbing neighbors.
  4.   Windows on all sides of the house.  In townhomes windows are typically in front and rear unless it is a end unit townhome which has 3 walls exposed to the outside for windows instead or 2 walls
  5.   If the community has lawn care included in the hoa you would not have to care for your lawn.  This is great for people who live out of the State.  Less to worry about while being far away.


Townhomes For Sale In Waterleigh. Winter Garden Florida. Home vs Townhome.
Townhomes For Sale by D R Horton In Waterleigh. Winter Garden Florida
  1.  The townhome is great for people that are ok with apartment, condo, or coop living and are looking for more space.
  2.   It offers only 1 or 2 shared walls(depending on if it is a end unit or not) with no one living above or below.  In comparison to a condo or apartment it may provide less noise from neighbors.
  3.   Townhomes may be a good first step for not paying rent anymore.  Townhomes in the same community are commonly lower cost than stand alone homes.
  4.  Good for vacationers, out of towners and busy lifestyle.  Most townhomes are outside maintained by the HOA (home owner association)  The HOA takes care of the lawn and trees.  Many times additional things such as fence cleaning, repainting the exterior every so many years and other maintenance.
  5.   If the townhome is in the same community it will commonly cost less than stand alone.
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