Home Seller Information & Marketing

Home Seller Information & Marketing

Selling a home is no easy task.  There is much to consider.  It can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. 

When I was a home seller.  One of the things that bothered me was the lack of respect towards my property.  I would come back to find my home with water running, lights left on, blinds pulled all the way up and left open, food wrappers, dirty shoes worn and so on….. Some Real Estate Agents are great and leave the house as it was.  Others do not care.

I do care.  I bring shoe covers with me.  To keep your house clean.   I will not allow food to be eaten or drinks when I am showing the property.   If I am selling the property the same applies if I am onsite.  Remember that a home being sold is going to becoming someone else’s new home.

Things to consider when selling your home.

  1.  Time frame for selling.
  2.  What price to sell at.  As a Realtor I will provide a market analysis which shows similar properties that sold and the price range.  I will assist in helping you choose a price but ultimately it is your choice.
  3.  Where is the move to?  This also may make you a buyer.
  4.   Finding a Real Estate Agent to help.
  5.   Consulting a accountant for tax information prior to the sale
  6.   Finding a Real Estate attorney for contact questions.
  7.   What days and times can the home be shown?  Speed is of the essence as many buyers will want to see the property fast.
  8.   Will the house have a lockbox to show when no one is home?
  9.   Are you ok with your home on the main real estate sites, and going to all the small ones that brokerages and agents have.  Online is where listings are at now.  Newspaper ads are a thing of the past.  Without online and real estate agents 98% of buyers would not find the property
  10.   Empty it as much as possible.  The less stacked up on walls the better.  Buyers like to see what’s hiding behind things.
  11.   A good cleaning.  If needed hire a service to keep it maintained.
  12.   Carpet Shampooing if needed to clean out stains and deodorize the carpet.  Cleaning tip. Many vacuums after 3 years lose the ability to properly function.  The suction and brush wears down.  A new vacuum can really wake up carpeting.
  13.   Consider past repairs done to the home.  You will need to fill out a seller’s property disclosure.  It covers past and present things wrong with the property as well as other things like HOA.  For example if water leaked behind a wall in the past, and it was repaired, that would have to be disclosed.  Along with current issues.

Multi-Point Home Marketing

I have comprehensive multi-point marketing plan (more details are shared in person).  This involves the internet and the major home sites, or as some Agents put it your home goes to  thousands of websites.  Camera photos of the home taken with a tripod.  Videos.  Plus I have special ads on major Real Estate websites that your house will be shown on.  Social media ads such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube.  And ads running on many major sites and more.  Optional print ads are available as well.

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